Feature Requests

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Larger text, especially in prompts/dialogs, and respect Dynamic Text (5)
Add a script command to trigger the iOS dictionary popover (4)
Add a "Get Link" button in Action Sharing Screen (1)
Slack Integration (3)
Automatically import file from iCloud (3)
Be able to turn off inbox count on Apple Watch complication (4)
Divider in the extended row (5)
Workspace Improvements (3)
Tag Management Improvement (1)
Hide Action in Extended Keyboard Row (1)
Add an option to Prompt.addTextField() for a list of autocompletions (7)
Dismissing the Keyboard (3)
Some means of sharing JavaScript utility code between actions (4)
Improved control of Prompts (2)
A Find/Replace "Step" for Custom Actions (with RegEx) (15)
Execute Actions from Share Sheet (4)
TTS (text to speech)? (1)
Theme modification request (5)
Unsplash integration (2)
Allow workspaces to match tags with "or" (2)
Sync over WebDAV (1)
Scripting Access to Information About Actions (3)
Select All Option (3)
Line numbers in script errors (Implemented) (3)
Long Press/Force Touch on Extended Keyboard Row Keys (1)
Triggering an Action via typed string (Built-in text expansion) (3)
Evernote Spaces (2)
Visual cues for list completion (1)
About hiding the action panel in script (3)