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Hide Keyboard Bars (1)
Workspace Shortcuts on Mac (1)
Is it possible to delete/rename tag(s)? (7)
Textexpander for Tags (7)
Allow workspaces to match tags with "or" (8)
Link mode - open app specific URL’s (3)
[DONE] Set 'foghorn' or 'swiss' as default style in preview (4)
MacOS - ⌘ click links to open (2)
Shortcut to Refresh TextExpander Snippets (6)
Indent lines while arranging (2)
Workspace Specific New Draft Settings (6)
Identify Current Workspace in Javascript (7)
Compact Workspace List Option (3)
Option to open links in browser rather than within Drafts viewer (1)
Ability to duplicate drafts (2)
Icon selector row for recently used icons (1)
Numeric keyboard (3)
Option to show colour in action keyboard (1)
Ability to make new folder tabs (3)
Siri Shortcut for `Get Body of Draft`? (Like `Get Contents of Draft`) (6)
Ability to dismiss HTML Preview via keyboard (7)
Swap 'done' and 'cancel' in arrange mode (1)
Drafts needs universal search, universal search and replace and reg exp search please (2)
Placement of “active typing” in the middle/upper half of the screen (8)
“New Draft” Shortcut (5)
Open latest draft (3)
SFTP action step (12)
YAML or TOML Support (2)
Arrange Mode - move to top/bottom [ADDED] (2)