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Black and white icon or (better) the ability to pick my own image (2)
Adding Interact app scratchpad functionality to Drafts 5 (3)
Monochrome Watch Complication (1)
Allow delete after merge (1)
Drafts 5 and Apple Watch - Dictation in other language (3)
Drafts Desktop App / Web App ( 2 ) (21)
Ability to show a custom UI of contents of a draft within Siri and have Siri read the contents (6)
Apple Watch Complication: Count based on Workspace (or Filter) (5)
Placement of “active typing” in the middle/upper half of the screen (6)
Multiple selections in prompt action (2)
Cross Platform support via file system (5)
Delete old version(s) of a draft (4)
Workspace-specific syntax (6)
Don't reorder tag selector while using (1)
Encryption Desired (1)
Customizable tabs view in Workspaces (5)
Search missing inside a draft? (6)
Folding Text / Collapsable Headers (6)
Add an option to Prompt.addTextField() for a list of autocompletions (8)
Additional Device Information for Device Identification (1)
Apply Workspace to Search - Whether In Javascript Or Not (1)
Identify Current Workspace in Javascript (1)
Recent Workspaces (1)
Safe title attribute of draft (for scripting) (3)
Setting to disable iOS Sleep Timer (4)
Clear search query field after 10 minutes (1)
Add "availability" to Event? (1)
Numeric keyboard (1)
Hidde flagged drafts from the archive (1)