request for draft action

Would it be possible to have an action to send text to an up and coming Obsidian replacement (?) that is gaining users furiously.

Looking at their limited documentation and roadmap, you can integrate via Zapier today a REST API is coming. Could not see anything for URL scheme support.

So you can use Zapier Zap with an action, but not contained in it. The API looks like it will be an option - just not today.

If on the Mac, and if Reflect keeps a local simple file copy of notes (“end-to-end encryption” only applies to transfer not storage - “encryption at rest”), any action that directly interacts with files could potentially be used.

Looks they do have an API now. Anyone tried creating a Draft action?

I just wrote a quick Drafts action to post a note to Reflect using the API that @Siva mentioned: ⬆️ Reflect | Drafts Directory

I hope it helps others too.