More intuitive Profile Swapping

The profile name not opening up the profile dialogue doesn’t strike me as intuitive. I’ve really wanted to lean into profiles, but focus filters don’t trigger them 100% (only seem to have this issue with drafts). I then almost always open up the filter pane instead of using the down arrow to swap profile. I’d suggest:

Pressing the profile name opens up profile swap dialogue or adding a swipe gesture on the profile name. Either would be more intuitive I’d imagine.


Can I clarify, do you mean workspaces rather than profiles? I’ve not seen anything called profiles in Drafts, and given the context, it sounds most likely you are referring to workspaces.

Also, if you can narrow down the issue with focus filters to be reproducible each time, that would definitely be worth raising as a support ticket.

Yes, workspaces sorry haha. Would make too much sense to standardize conventions across apps!

I have a ticket open for the focus filters. I can’t, it’s inconsistent.

I believe you are referring to the element that displays the current tag filters above the draft list. It displays the workspace name if you have applied a workspace, and workspace essentially represents a save filter you have assigned a name to – but that’s not what the element is for.

Many users do not use workspaces at all, and that element will be displaying applied tag filters.

It would not make sense to connect that element to workspace selection.