Super excited about Tabs, and room for improvement

Super excited to see tabs come to Drafts desktop…

Unfortunately, tabbing a draft is too limited to be useful.

Beyond right-clicking in a workspace - there is no way to tab open a draft…

Using WikiLinks would be great to see in the right-click menu… or some hotkey option like opening a draft in a new window…

Or dragging an open window to the tabs bar…

Perhaps adding it to the primary menu system under view would expand possibilities?

I just noticed “recent drafts” displays differently depending the tab you are on.

Example - If tab 1 was last used yesterday… then the last used drafts listed are based on that tab’s history… despite having tab 2 being used in the last hour across many drafts…

Not sure this is intended or desirable.

The tabs are a system feature and work the same as tabs in other Mac apps. You can drag off a tab to a new window, or drag a tab between windows, or into another. You have to drag the tab, not the window itself - same a Safari or other tabbed window apps.

You can script tabs if you have specific needs to incorporate in an action: Docs

Other options may come in time.

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@agiletortoise Dragging windows into a tab is not working on my end… please see this video demonstrating my experience.

You can only drag tabs that way. Not windows. Use “Show Tabs” in the view menu if you want the tab to be accessible for dragging.

That is helpful, thank you.

Is there a way to create a new tab using shortcut keys? If not, could that be added? CMD-T is already in use. Possibly SHIFT-CMD-N? I don’t think that is used.

I love love love that I can use tabs now but it’s a little bit cumbersome to create the new draft (which comes in on top of whatever draft I have open), then right click on it and say ‘Open in new tab’, and then go back to the old tab and hit the < (back) arrow to get back to my original draft.

Or am I completely missing something obvious?

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I just noticed Recent Drafts syncs across devices - but not across tabs? This feels counterintuitive…