Support Export to Image

I want to use Drafts to export Text with Style to a Image for better share to or other social media.

maybe input is some HTML and Output is a Image.

Then, I can use Action Step to render Markdown to HTML to Image.

For info, it is possible to call an Apple Shortcuts shortcut to do this sort of thing.

Here’s a quick example I put together to give you a sense of what is possible.

The action sends the content of the current draft to the shortcut.

The shortcut builds an image from whatever text it is passed (from Drafts, or elsewhere - e.g. via the share sheet), and places it on the clipboard. The shortcut specifies the styling for the text and the background.

As an example, I copied the text from your post into a draft and generated the following from it.

I would encourage you to tailor the shortcut to meet your own output preferences, and there are actually a few methods that the Shortcuts (/Workflow) community have documented online over the years for dynamically generating images from Shortcuts; so if this isn’t the sort of thing you are after, then it would be worth researching those.

Just do keep in mind that putting text in images like this is inaccessible for those using screen readers … unless you add the appropriate descriptive text to go with it.

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@sylumer Thanks for your reply! i will try it!