Number/position of draft in workspace

Is there any way (or could we get a toggle to) see the position of the draft within the workspace list, however it’s currently sorted? The first draft would be 1, the second would be 2, etc.; I’m imagining a number out to the left side or at bottom of the draft in the list by the last action/last accessed-type metadata. Sometimes if I’m processing a list of drafts, I might know there’s 100 total, but I don’t necessarily know which one I’m on in the list; if I wanted to proofread 10 of them before I go on to something else, it would be useful to be able to see when I’ve hit draft 10, draft 20, etc.

I could probably loop through them and prepend a number to each, but I was looking for something more metadata-esque than actually altering the draft content itself.


There is no option to display an index value like that.

OK, thanks! If ever that was possible, I’d sure find it useful. Thanks again!