Include custom VoiceOver rotors

Synopsis: Add support for VoiceOver custom rotors in Drafts for in-draft navigation.
Implementation details: Add support for custom VoiceOver rotors for in-draft navigation, E.G. headings, links, bolt, italic, placeholders. The rotors can be configured in the drafts settings. The settings panel for rotors is shown only when VoiceOver is active.
Why? Sighted users can distinguish various elements of the draft by its color or other appearance method, thus they can easily navigate around the text. Blind users have to rely on the linear reading method or the search for a similar efficiency. With the implementation of configurable custom rotors it would make it possible for a blind or otherwise visually-impaired VoiceOver user to navigate around their text with much greater efficiency.
Technical details:

  1. Determine whether VoiceOver is enabled
  2. Implementing custom rotors


Greg was very responsive over the years to make the best experience for VoiceOver users. I hope @agiletortoise will consider adding custom VO rotors.


me and many others would be grateful. Drafts is a great app and making those rotors would make our work much faster and more efficient.

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