How about a simple web-version (no actions, just read and edit notes)?


I am forced to use a Windows PC at work. To get notes / ideas to and from my iPad, iPhone & Mac at home I have to use something like MS OneNote - then copy/paste into Drafts.

I would love a really simple (no bells and whistles) web version of Drafts with the ability to read and edit notes only. Just to be used as a way to get information in/out of the real Drafts.



Noted. No plans at this time for a web version, but it’s not impossible sometime down the road.

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Just as an aside, assuming you can access it, Workflowy may make things a little easier for you. It’s an extremely light weight but very powerful online outliner. I’ve used it for a good few years as a ‘searchable wiki’ on projects. I have an action I use to clean up the bullet points when I paste Workflowy content into Drafts.

The link below will get you an extra 250 bullet points (doubling the base free level) when you sign up with Workflowy. For transparency, I will get extra space too, but I’ve already got way more than I need, so it’s purely accademic for me. It may be worth a look in lieu of a Drafts web interface.

Workflowy with 250 extra monthly bullets

I would value this as someone who has to work on Windows from time to time.

This would be super helpful and I agree, simple text editing so that I can quickly dump text into it view Windows, and get access via windows.

I would certainly love and be more then happy with a watered down Windows version as like most of us forced to work in a Windows environment. Thanks for all your work !