Visual Representation of Tags (And Tag Not Assigned Feature)

Dear @agiletortoise, I am in the middle of cleaning up my Drafts snippets.

at the moment the tags.
While reading the documentation I found the great two features:

  1. Nested tags ( group/name1 )
  2. Scoped tags (scope::name1)

The nested tags are really great in saving space especially on iOS
The feature to only have one item of scoped tags is also really helpful.

So thanks for that.

I was wondering if it would be possible to change the visual representation of the scoped tags to follow the same concept as the group (hide the sub-items in a folder-like structure).
In my opinion that could be a great improvement especially on the iPhones screen.

Another help would be to have counters (or classes/weights) evaluated to the tags:

Whilst cleaning up my tags I found it hard to find the tags that are not assigned to anything. Especially on iOS where the tap defaults to added to the last tag.

I would be interested in your thoughts about this.

Tags that are not assigned to anything should not exist in the list. If there are no drafts assigned that tag (including in the trash), then it will not be in the list.

Understood about the idea of nesting scopes, but it’s non-trivial. Not sure when or if that will make it in the app.

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Thanks for the reply.

If I planted the idea, I am sure you will find a way.

I will need to think how I can move the many (too many) state tags I have into the bottom of the list. Prefixing it with X_ would be the easiest way as I see it now.

You can combine nesting and scopes. You could do scope tags like x/status::open, x/status::completed

Cool. I was trying that before writing the message but somehow I must’ve done something wrong.

That solves my issues - Thanks