Search within nested tags

so I have notes about coffee shops tagged in the following form places/city/coffee I’d love to have a workspace that gathers all the different coffee drafts, by tag filtering for places/*/coffee or something similar.

Things I tried, tag filter ‘places, coffee’ or ‘places/, coffee’ neither quite does it.

That is not a type of filtering that exists.

Ultimately, tags are great because you can classify your data in multiple dimensions. Nested tags are best used as an organizing principle when you have a set of explicitly hierarchical classifications. This makes sense for your places/city classification. All cities are places.

coffee, however, is a different dimension. Not all coffee items are in the same city.

If you tagged these drafts places/city and coffee, you could then filter by coffee and see all coffee shops across all places…or by places/ and coffee to see only all coffee items also in a place.

Does that make sense?

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That makes sense, I think I’m treating nesting tags too much like a folder hierarchy. I’ll adjust my tagging to solve.

I wonder if there are places where it would be useful to allow for filtering at multiple levels. Will consider if I can think of any examples that aren’t better served by multidimensional tags.