Using Evernote with Drafts




Evernote is a popular note platform. Drafts can capture text to Evernote in a number of ways.

Evernote Action step

Drafts offers native integration with Evernote using the Evernote action step. Actions using this step can create, replace, append or prepend to notes in any notebook, assign tags, etc…even convert Markdown to Evernote rich text. Some ready to use samples from the directory:

Share Extension

Evernote offers an iOS Share extension for creating tasks which can be used with the Drafts’ Share action. This requires no special setup or configuration, just that both apps be installed on the device. Just tap the “Share” action, and use select Evernote. The share extension offers great flexibility in assigning Evernote tags and destination notebooks.

URL-Based Actions

Evernote supports URL schemes, including x-callback-url.

  • New Note in Evernote: Sends the current draft to Evernote as a new note, with the first line of the draft as the title and remaining text as the content of the note.

Emailing into Evernote

Evernote offers the ability to email notes. Details about how to email to Evernote are available in their documentation. Once you determine your unique Evernote email address, you can configure a Drafts’ Mail action step with that “To” email address and “Send in Background” enabled for a quick, single tap method to send a note to Evernote.

POLL: What services would you like to see added to Drafts?

Is it possible to add a list of pros and cons for each method to aid in choosing one? Thanks! :doughnut:


Is it possible to modify “Append to Evernote Journal” so that it converts Markdown into proper format for Evernote, like “Markdown to Evernote” action?

Never mind, I figured out how to Edit the action and change it from Text to Markdown.