New Evernote API limits?

For the last couple of days, all my Evernote actions have been sporadically failing with the error “Application reached hourly API call limit to Evernote”. That sounds like a limit imposed on Drafts by Evernote … have they changed their limits? Or started policing them? Is there anything that can be done?!

Interesting that you mention it. 2 days ago, I ran into this API limit when trying to export my notes using a third party backup utility for Evernote (which I was using for the first time). Just under 300 notes at a time were exported before the software had to pause operation. The first pause was 38 minutes, and the second was 46 minutes. After that, I canceled the job.

This reminds me of the caution on one of the threads on this forum that Evernote tended to make changes to their API unexpectedly.

I honestly don’t know what’s up at Evernote. They definitely made some changes lately regarding the API. I was not aware of the rate limit change, but was able to reproduce it here without an excessive amount of use.

They also recently changed some of how they are handling HTML entities in a way that messes with some of Drafts actions.

But there have been no announcements that I have seen about these changes, and they have no way to contact developer support (have not in years)…so I’m unlikely to get an answer from them if I asked.

I’ve been expecting this Evernote integration to stop working at any time for years, I recommend if you switch to email based actions as discussed in the integration guide.

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Thanks! Evernote was acquired a few months back by Bending Spoons, and recently made some layoffs, so probably lots of change afoot. With any luck it will eventually be positive - they are clearly adding features (eg collaborative editing this week).

I do have some of my actions set up using the mail approach, but I don’t think it’s possible to append / prepend, which some of my actions do.

I’ll monitor the situation in case this is a bug or short term, but it might be finally time to bite the bullet and switch to Notion … would be a massive switching cost, though, as I have 50,000+ notes, with probably hundreds of thousands of interlinks, and I can’t imagine Notion’s importer will sort all that out!!

If only there was a simple text editor for Mac and iOS that could support HTML-like previewing by default, easy drag drop of images etc … hint hint … :wink:

FYI, it is possible to append to notes in Evernote with the email interface. I admit I haven’t played with it, but if you put a “+” before the subject, it’s supposed to find a matching note and append to it, per Evernote’s docs.

Interesting! I’ll give that a try. Thanks!

Alas, first experiment was a fail - it seems to do ‘contains’ matching on note titles, rather than exact matching, so with generic subjects it picks seemingly random notes to append to …

However, it may be possible to work around this with suitably creative note titles …

I am running into this same API limit issue - it happened the first time I tried to send something over today. It worked find Friday.

I also received an email that they are raising my subscription cost substantially. Are they trying to get me to bail?


It just occurred to me that Evernote might be ‘looking at this wrong’ … They might be seeing Draft’s API use and thinking ‘big user, getting something for free, let’s reign them in’. But in fact, Drafts enables many many Evernote users to do what they need to do with Evernote - and if the integration stops working, they’ll stop using Evernote.

As someone who’s used Evernote since the beginning, and has 50,000 notes, maybe (!) they’d listen to me … I can try putting in a support ticket, at any rate.

It isn’t just Drafts.

The docs continue to indicate it is tied to users as well as the key, so that also supports it being a change at source.

Apparently Stack Overflow is where Evernote share insights with Devs, but I don’t see any queries listed there recently for rate limits.