Append to Evernote Journal action with 2 Evernote accounts

Forgive this post if this has been answered elsewhere. I’ve been using the “Append to Evernote Journal” action which seems to work well. I have 2 Evernote accounts however and would like to have the action in Drafts twice so that I can send different items to each Evernote account. I saw some things online about changing the “credentials” but have been unable to locate that option. Does anyone know of a way to set this action (or a similar one) up and be able to direct it to different accounts in Evernote?

Evernote is the one service available in Drafts that does not support multiple accounts.

Evernote’s integration story is a bit of a mess, frankly. I’ve tried to document some of that in the Evernote integration guide.

The direct integration only still works because I have forked their no-longer-supported integration SDK for iOS, does not work on Mac, and does not support some Evernote accounts (like ones which use Google for login) because of issues at Evernote’s end.

Hopefully they will migration to an industry standard REST API at some time in the future and integration can be on-par with other services, but until such a time, it’s pretty limited.