Specifying Notebook in New Note in Evernote

Have been making heavy use of New Note in Evernote Action. Would like to be able to specify the notebook in which the new note is stored. Is this possible? If so, how?

The New Note in Evernote action uses a URL scheme call to pass Drafts data to the Evernote app.


If you look at the Using Evernote with Drafts Integration Guide, there’s a reference to the source information for the URL scheme - x-callback-url support for Evernote iOS app (GitHub). There’s no option there for specifying a notebook (it just uses your account’s default), and a quick search on the Evernote forums seems to confirm that.

That means that to specify the notebook you would need to use the Evernote API. There’s no native support for that in Drafts right now, so unless you want to roll your own, you would need to look farther afield.

Apple’s Shortcuts app does have Evernote API integration, and Drafts does have Shortcuts integration, so that’s an easier route.

Here’s a Drafts action and a Shortcuts custom shortcut that work together to take a draft and put it into a note in a particular Evernote notebook.

It takes the first line of the Draft as the note title, and the body of the draft as the note content. It also takes any Drafts tags on the draft and adds those as tags in the Evernote note. To specify the notebook to place the draft in, you simply set it in the final Create New Note Notebook parameter. You could modify the action and shortcut to actually pass it through dynamically, but I figured this was close enough to the original Drafts action to get you set.

Hope that helps.