POLL: What services would you like to see added to Drafts?

The only thing I really need is the macOS version of Drafts.


It’s pretty easy to send to Mindnode at present. If you use tabs in the draft’s content to observe the desired mind map structure, then use Open In > Copy to Mindnode, you are done.

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If you’ve not got the “Open in,” action, it’s this one.


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  1. Apple Notes
  2. Tick Tick
  3. Gmail
  4. Evernote

Really fantastic to hear that this is coming

For Apple Notes, see the Apple Notes integration guide. That is limited by what Apple supports.

Not sure what you are wanting with Evernote, Drafts Evernote support is already pretty complete.

There actions for the Gmail app as well.


MindNode support is limited by the few URL schemes MindNode supports. You might ask their support for a richer set that can accept content.


I recently talked to their support about this and they are looking into it!


I use notability a lot for taking notes mainly hand written. I wish there was an action to send draft to most recent notability note or select. The notes I would hand write on iPad I use Drafts for on iPhone.

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They are owned by Salesforce, so they might gain some steam over time.

I use Dropbox Paper for clients and would appreciate a straightforward action to share on DBP.

What about Working Copy? Pythonista has great integration with Working Copy through the iOS file system. There are some drafts I would like to version control using Git (especially scripts), and then I could also open them on my Windows desktop using Visual Studio Code or Sublime Text.

I store many of my Python and JavaScript scripts on GitHub, and currently it’s a manual process top copy over to Working Copy and back. Maybe there’s a way to do this and I haven’t thought of it.


I use Agenda all the time now for work and personal projects. Nothing like having a markdown editor to take notes and have them tied to various events on my calendar.

Makes notes is now a breeze.

Seems like a lot of folks are wanting integration with a variety of services/apps. Check out Agenda Users’ requests here: https://agenda.community/search?q=integration

Not sure how easy it would be to prioritize this with all the other suggestions, but let’s just say I don’t envy you or the prioritization process.


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Agenda support CANNOT be a priority in Drafts unfortunately @swh.

The low, relative, user count by Draft users would surely be a factor IF AND ONLY IF the fine folks over at Agenda were first to give even a rudimentary URL / x-callback scheme.

They (AGENDA) have given indications that they have bigger fish to fry than a robust URL scheme as they upgrade their very new application with new functionality.

Perhaps one day

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Not to sink any ideas on this thread, but wasn’t Greg looking at feedback on service integrations rather than local app integrations?

Local app integrations via URL scheme are possible with the existing functionality. You can certainly get at least some rudimentary integration through that with apps like Working Copy; I have some that I’m developing for managing my web site which I’m preparing to migrate to a new platform that leverages Git.


Completely understood. Putting in the backlog is what I was expecting, since there are a lot of great ideas being shared on this topic.

I see it as a nice to have. Thanks for considering it.

Not to mention share sheets and open in…

Sorry,. perhaps my wording was too clumsy!
I’m not with either Agenda nor Drafts - merely a dedicated user of each!
My “Schedule-Diary-System” revolves around them plus Things.

I’m hoping for integration that is a little less clumsy, and that doesn’t rely on the manual cut and paste steps that I have to do now, but I feel that my dream is likely further off than other items I see called for repeatedly by the user community of each!

big hole with Agenda but it is on that side for now.

I keep all my actions in git and recently downloaded Working Copy. This sounds interesting.