Can't get Drafts formatting to render correctly in Evernote, using Send to Evernote action

I have Drafts Pro and am using it on a Mac. Per Using Evernote with Drafts, I am using the “Mail to Evernote” action to send it to Evernote. That is working fine, in that my draft is sent to the Inbox in Evernote. However, the formatting is not good.

In the “Mail to Evernote” action, I have tried both selecting and deselecting the “Send as HTML” option. I have tried changing my Draft to be Markdown, MultiMarkdown, and SimpleList. Still bad formatting persists in Evernote.

The only formatting I am using is bold (“bold”) and lists ("- my list item").

Any suggestions? Thanks!

Unfortunately, I don’t believe it’s possible to manipulate the formatting via that method. I think Evernote just parses the plain text out of the mail and strips any HTML content/styles. That’s something they would need to change at their end to support it.

That is very disappointing. Drafts should be able to send HTML and Evernote should be able to read it.

You would think.

I’ve posted about my frustrations with Evernote on the forums. They have recently dropped integration support with their apps both on iOS (URL schemes) and Mac (AppleScript) without any prior notice, and the direct integration that works on iOS only continues to work because I have forked and maintained a version of their SDK which they abandoned development of three years ago and if used it the current form provided by Evernote would result in your app being rejected by Apple for use of deprecated APIs.

I’m sure they are working toward something better with their various updates, but I would not rely on any outside integrations with Evernote in your workflows right now because they are likely to break without notice. If you rely on Evernote, I would recommend you stick with what is possible within their own apps for now.