Action to append to a checklist in an Evernote note

Looking for a simple action to append a Drafts note to the bottom of a checklist in a specific note in Evernote.

I use this to capture billable time in Evernote. I want to create a template with name of client, hours spent and date. The action will append it to my list that I use for invoicing.

Looked and didn’t see what I need.

The details for the Evernote action step are available in the docs. To add to the end of a note you will be looking to use append.

If you search for “Evernote check” on this forum, you will find a variety of discussions about Evernote checkboxes and setting them with Drafts.

Armed with that, I think you should be able to create the action you want.

I recommend you start with the Evernote integration guide on this forum (link below)…especially to be aware of the caveats and limitations of Evernote integration at this point in time.

That said, it is possible, only on iOS with the action step, to append checkboxes to an Evernote note, but not easy at all and requires advanced scripting and understanding of Evernote’s ENML format - and then you might not really get the results you want because you cannot modify existing structures of the existing Evernote note - like to append to a bullet list that is already in the note.

If you have a requirement to append to a list of todos/tasks, you might be better off with a targeting a different platform built around tasks - like Todoist, Things, or OmniFocus.

Thanks. “Not at all easy” is very correct.

Evernote added a lot of tasking features and I’ve been trying to give us Todoist.