Help with Append to Evernote Notebook & note

My attempt to create an Evernote action to append a draft to an existing notebook called @SHARDS with an existing note called “My current shards” is greyed out on Mac and creates the error
“Has steps not supported on this platform”

And it red-flags a random error on iOS.

It was created as an Evernote action
Note = [[My current shards]]
Notebook = [[@SHARDS]]
Tags = #shard

I’m new to creating my own Drafts Actions (I have watched some of Karl Pulleins’s excellent videos though – perhaps not attentively enough). Where am I going wrong?

  1. Evernote action steps do not run on Mac. Due to reasons from the Evernote end. There are notes about compatibility in the Evernote integration guide.

  2. The [[ ]] bracket syntax is for use to insert specific dynamic values using the Drafts template engine, not something you need to wrap static text with. So to write to the notebooks “@SHARDS”, you just put “@SHARDS”, not “[[@SHARDS]]”. This article is a good place to get the basics of templates and tags.

That’s helpful, thank you. I guess we just have to wait for Evernote to get their act together. Another few years…?

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