Evernote (google account)

Hi, it fails to link my draft account to my evernote account (google account) as per the screenshot.

Thank you.

That is correct. Evernote never supported Google-integrated accounts with their integrations, not something I can workaround. For more details on the state of working with Evernote, see the integration guide. I only recommend using their email interface at this time:

Just another tangent on the decline of Evernote - they have announced a lot of redundancies, and apparently their European base has assimilated all of the skills and experience in the last six months that they need to revitalise the platform.

Given the position they are starting from, and the movement over the last six months, I can’t see this bringing any integration improvements in the short to medium term … based on experience to date, I think long term isn’t looking likely either :confused:

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