Evernote Users: Transition to Email-Based Integrations

Migrate to Email-Based Evernote Actions

If you use Evernote with Drafts, we highly recommend you migrate to using only email-based integrations at this time.

I have updated our Evernote integration guide with better, ready-to-use example actions for sending mail to Evernote - both with tag support and support for Markdown formatting conversion. Visit the guide for details and to get the actions.

About Legacy Evernote Integrations

The legacy “Evernote Action Step” which has been available only for iOS is currently not working very well. Evernote abandoned support for this type of integration about 10 years ago. We’ve tried to keep it working as long as possible, but it appears Evernote has imposed rate limits on the Drafts integration without notice and I have not received a response to my inquiry regarding whether this is an intentional change or bug, so am unsure when or if it will be resolved. This integration has already been problematic for some time due to changes at Evernote which we can not help (For example, it has not worked with certain types of Evernote accounts for years).

We apologize to those who rely on this integration, but these changes are out of our control.

This is fantastic. The “Markdown Mail to Evernote” action works like a charm.

Thank you. :hugs: