Built a markdown to Evernote action with full formatting

Hey! This is my first post.

I have just built an action that converts markdown from Drafts to ENML compatible markup for Evernote.

This action preserves the following when saving to Evernote:

  • All heading formatting up to h3 (max supported by new Evernote)
  • Line breaks and makes them Evernote compatable
  • All list indentations
  • Code blocks and make them Evernote compatible
  • Inline code block and formats as monospace font in Evernote
  • Checklists and todo lists with full functionality in Evernote to interact with them
  • All other standard markdown offcourse.
  • Tables with formatting improvements

What is the correct way to share my code/action file with the community?

Edit: Figured it out :slight_smile: https://actions.getdrafts.com/a/1eN


Via the actions directory.

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Welcome @akay64! Apparently you’re new here.

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Welcome @yazanabbas11!

Hi, is this action still alive?
It show me ‘This action has steps which are not supported on this platform.’ How can resolve this issue?

The Evernote step has always been iOS/iPadOS only.

Thanks. Didn’t use Evernote for long time. Thanks for your remind.