Actions - Share What You've Made

Change Indentation (spaces vs tabs) (2)
Add text to Gladys (a shelf app) (1)
Mute a list of words in Tweetbot (3)
Changing the plain text markup language with a menu / keystroke (1)
Run Script action (2)
Search Field Mega Action (6)
Preview/Print with CSS from Drafts (1)
Save to Trunk Notes (3)
Workspace Switcher (2)
OmniOutliner OPML to Markdown (5)
Copy remote clipboard (1)
Todoist Quick Add Group (3)
Goto Markdown Section (9)
Add Single Task to Todoist (4)
Opening drafts (e.g. Amazon search) in another app (not a web view) (5)
Create New Draft with Current Tags (4)
Move line(s) up/down (1)
Date Action Group (1)
Utility action: JavaScript HTTP/S URL manipulation class (1)
Personal Workflow: 2Do, DEVONthink, Fantastical (2)
My version of Toggle Tasks (1)
Open random draft by tag (4)
Twitter Splitter (1)
Import Script - reuse “script” drafts (2)
Adapting 1Writer actions - source for JavaScript recipes (2)
Create MMD Tables (1)
Go to Line Action (2)
Create filtered copy a.k.a. Baby Grep (1)
Reset Draft / Template (4)
Duplicate draft body (use your templates better) (1)