Create Multiple Drafts from a Template

I just made an action that allows me to create multiple drafts with a predefined template from a single action.


In the current draft you can only use the action in the draft that is the template, but you can easily modify it to prompt you for a template to choose or anything.

I use it by calling it from other actions, so that suits me very well. Hope it can help some of you be more productive


I updated the action to be able to select the template that you want to use in case that the active draft is not a valid template.

It just requires more actions to be downloaded, so let me know if you want that option to update it in the action directory

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Managed to edit the action so you can be prompted to select a valid template without having to leave the current draft.

Also was able to fit it all inside a single action, so no other actions need to be installed.

The link is the same, but I leave it here again, just in case

Hope it can be useful to some of you, any changes you want made or any error you find, please let me know, so I can add it or fix it.

Thanks :rocket:

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I got an idea to make it easier to add custom set custom properties to the action, if thats something you want, let me know.

I’ll take me a few days after you tell me to do it, but if you don’t want to go through the code and change the values, it might be faster