Weekly/Monthly event : prep notes


I’ve shared a new action
Please check it out if you are interested

I explain the action in the description, but here are the general idea of what it does.

purpose of the action

This action’s original inspiration is to keeps notes throughout the week or month, for a regular meeting or event.

For example if you remember updates to share, or questions to ask in your upcoming weekly meeting, this action will organize them all into 1 draft(“log draft”) for you.

It will work for weekly, monthly, multiple dates or weekdays in the month, and for events that happen every xx days.

It will also create a reminder for 10 minutes before the next event.
The reminder will have a link that opens the “log draft”, so you don’t need to go looking for your draft during the meeting

I couldn’t find an action that already existed that could do this, so I decided to make it my self(Maybe there already is a better one)

a little more detail

How it works
How to use the action is very similar to the “add to list” action by @agiletortoise , but for Regularly occurring events.

Tap the action, select an event that you have previously set, and the action will automatically store your draft content to a “log draft”

Instead of a constant list, this action will keep a running note for each upcoming event
e.g. monthly, bi-monthly meetings, events every xx days, etc.)

1 log draft per each event
It is a “log draft” for each meeting.
So the 1st time you use it, it will create a new log draft and add the current text.

For example, for a weekly meeting on Monday at 9:00, it will append the current draft to the same “log draft” until Monday at 9:00, with a time stamp.
After Monday 9:00, it will create a new “log draft” again for the next Monday’s meeting notes and so on.

Time stamp
The time stamp is set to the last edit date of the current draft.
This is so, if you write a note down, but forget to use the action, it will still show when you last wrote down your notes


I’ve made it so you can customize most of the action from 4 “template tags” steps.
This is so you don’t need to know the JavaScript code to do most of the customizations.

I apologies for the instructions being rather long, but I’ve tried to make it as understandable as possible.

feedback welcome

I am no programmer, and am definitely no expert.
Only started writing codes in the last couple weeks.

I’ve thought about things that can mess the code up (e.g. daylight saving time, etc.), and have tested and fixed for scenarios that I could think of, and this one took quite a bit of time for me to write and figure out.
But it should work without issues, and I think/hope good enough to share.

Any feedback is welcome
But again, not an expert, and I cannot promise I can implement changes or fixes upon request. I will try to though.