Fantastically Good Event Parser


Any fans of Fantastical’s natural language entry for calendar events will like this one. Basically, I have recreated the same functionality in Drafts using JavaScript. Events can be added on multiple lines and then instantly added to the calendar, no pinging back and forth with URL schemes.

More details on my blog, and here’s a link to the action in the directory.


I haven’t checked it out yet, but I instinctively like it because of the self-confidence shown by the name, so you’re hired.


Outstanding! Thank you so much for creating this. Perfect for what I need!


Awesome! Looking forward to updates and anything else you might come up with.


Works beautifully. This post was picked up on my Apple News newsfeed and I installed it straight from there. I think I will be ditching fantasical too.


Had to add a comment as this action is a huge addition to my daily workflow. Thanks!


I just want you to know how awesome this action is. I use it all the time and, because of it, I am learning more about how to use Drafts. Thank you.