Fantastically Good Reminder Parser

A companion action to my previous Fantastically Good Event Parser, this time for adding reminders to the Reminders app. Supports natural language date and time entry and other Fantastical-style functionality.

More details on my blog.

Here’s a direct link to the Action Directory.


Again, this is awesome and perfect for what I need. Thanks @pdavisonreiber!!

If you already downloaded this, I just fixed a bug where alarms were not working properly. Now updated in the action directory.

I was checking the code trying to figure this out but it’s too complicated for me. Do you think it’s possible to add an ignore-line tag to the action?

The iteration I’m thinking: a list with pending tasks and then, when I decide to do next one, delete the list hook, add a date, and launch the action.

Is there any way to parse a location reminder? I can’t figure that out. Thanks. Looks great.

Not at the moment unfortunately.

Yes, this is actually quite simple to achieve. The only bit of the script you need to edit is the for loop right at the end. You just need to add a condition to check whether the line contains a certain string, and then only apply the function when it doesn’t. Something like this perhaps:

for (let line of lines) {
	if (!string.includes("#")) {

This would force the script to ignore all lines containing a # character. You could customise this as you like.

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I’m trying to consider a version of what you made that would parse a page from a journal in drafts and add events and tasks to fantastical by finding a character and then using that line to add either a event or a task.

* Bullet points / asterisk for a todo
[ ] for a task (defaulting to now today)
- something longer 

Ideally if

‘- something longer’
Could be added as a note in an event I would be delighted
Like wise urls and all the other good things like /calendar and /repeats etc too.

Is this feasible with the above hack or am I barking in vain in the wrong forest?