Drafts and recipes with ClipDish integration


Hi, I’m the developer of the recipe app ClipDish. I’m also a Drafts superfan.

ClipDish is an iOS recipe app that saves recipes from websites without all the extra stuff. From time to time I need to export recipes either for printing or sharing with folks that don’t have the app. Rather than build all of that into my app, I created an export that will send a Markdown formatted recipe to Drafts.

You can see it in action in this clip on Youtube.

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That’s super cool, Joe! Thanks for implementing it, and sharing. I do all my groceries/recipe keeping, and such in Drafts now, this seems like it be a great companion tool.

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Thanks. I’m actually doing some experiments right now with organizing my grocery list by aisle using OpenAI. So far the results are promising.

I’ve created a “master grocery list” of things I want to get each week. Then, add any additional items based on meal planning, send it to OpenAI and get back an organized list.

It’s :cool:

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