Send to Obsidian — with tags and YAML metadata

I’ve just added an improved version of a “Send to Obsidian” action. The improvements:

  • The note’s name is either the heading or the creation date-time, depending on the drafts beginning with a header or not.
  • A YAML header is added with the creation date and time of the draft.
  • The tags are written at the end of the note, under a separator line.
  • The vault name is an editable constant.

In practice :

  • If you start your draft with a #, it implies that the first line is a header — it doesn’t matter how many # there are.

    • In this case, the filename of the Obsidian note is derived from the header.
  • If the first caracter of the draft is NOT a #, the first line won’t be the note’s filename. Instead, the filename will be the creation date and time of the draft, in ISO format.

In any case :

  • A YAML metadata header is added at the top of the note, with an entry with the creation date and time of the draft.
  • The draft tags are added at the bottom of the note, below a separator line.

In the Directory, the action is → here ← .

Olivier Spinnler