The note app dilemma!

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Hope you are all doing well and staying safe!

So, I’m sure this type of question has been asked many times before, but I thought I’d get some fresh input from you lovely people.

Like so many others, I’ve always looked for “the perfect” notes app, and gradually realising it simply doesn’t exist for me.

Ironically, I don’t really have many important notes to store, but have always loved the idea of “one app to rule them all”.

I’ve used Bear, which has the best UI for me - It’s looks make me want to use it, but the inability to re-order tags and the whole hashtag thing just didn’t work for me.

I also have Ulysses, which I’ve used for a few long form blog posts and a bit of other writing in the past - I do like it, and can see why people who need to use it regularly are very happy to pay for it. My subscription runs out in the summer, and I just don’t use it anywhere near enough to justify it.

I use OneNote with work, and whilst it’s OK - I find it unappealing to look at, and a bit clunky on the whole.

I often come back to Apple Notes, for the simple fact it’s on all 3 devices (Mac, iPad, iPhone), has collaboration capabilities, and generally does enough.

Drafts really appeals for it’s USP - The instant note to jot something down is pretty much what I’ve been using Apple Notes for - Drafts just saves a bit of time here.

The question I have, is are people using Drafts to store lots of notes (as if it were a note app like Apple Notes), or is it predominantly for text creation before being exported to another app?

I really don’t see the point in having Drafts and another notes app if Drafts can cope with both of these things.

I don’t have the Pro subscription yet, but I think that the Workspace feature will replace any sort of “folder” structure I would have had with another notes app?

So… answers on a postcard please?

For reference, 95% of my text creation and general work is on the Mac. Only a very small portion is on iOS (both iPad and iPhone).

Thanks in advance!

There are lots of threads on the forum related to using Drafts as a note taking and storage system. Here’s a few for you to read through.

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I’ve read through all of those, and a few others across the internet that I’ve found.

But there aren’t that many current opinion (especially since the Mac App was updated to be as good as it is).

Am I right in thinking that Workspaces are my answer to having a visible “folder” type structure?

Why not spend the $2 on a subscription for a month to see if they work for you?

Workspaces are like smart folders. Drafts can belong to multiple workspaces. If you like to build yourself extensive folder hierarchies, Drafts may not be the place to do it. Personally, I use Drafts extensively as my inbox, but use iCloud Drive as my folder structure. I have actions that append drafts to various files in the file system. If I need to view or edit those files later, I use something like iAWriter or even just TextEdit to do that.

To take a step back, it sounds like you’ve done your homework. But the only way to find out what will work for you, is to try things out.


I think this sadly sums up the situation!

I’m almost certainly looking for something that I don’t really need. The “hold” that Ulysses has on me is really just because I feel special that I get the discounted price… I’ve used it for the very few long form blog posts I’ve done in the past - But I could certainly use other options.

Considered it for my notes app, but it feels a bit clunky/fiddly to jot down “quick notes”.

I’ll give Drafts Pro a shot - The free version is possibly enough, but if I can use Workspaces to house the majority of my notes, I’ll be happy.

I struggled with the same, but ultimately let my reduced/legacy rate subscription expire. If I decide to go back to Ulysses in the future, I may well go the Setapp route.