Creating Zettelkasten with drafts and the Mac osx Archive app


I would like to know if anyone would be using the Drafts 5 app to create Zettelkasens that can be used also in the Mac osx Archive app? Any suggested workflows?

Also how would you link separate drafts together ?



I built an infrastructure to do this in NVAlt and Editorial a couple years ago. I just checked my Drafts 4 action & it just calls Workflow so that’s where the action of generating the unique identifier took place. I used a hidden file in Dropbox which contained a counter bc I wasn’t fond of using a long date string as an ID & having them clutter up my notes.

But after about six months of this I moved all my notes into Ulysses and haven’t missed fiddling with any of that stuff. I now have 800k+ words in Ulysses and search is blazing fast. Key to this was the ul script described in this Alfred forum thread (I wrote it) which lets me search for text and get a corresponding markdown link ready to paste. Ulysses handles the unique IDs in the background and I don’t need to deal with the incrementing counters or hideous date-time links.

I think the Archive / Zettelkasten crew are a bit too wedded to replicating the analog origins of the technology. Linking notes was always a pain point, and from what i’ve seen of Archive it looks like it still will be if they are relying on date-time unique IDs.

Just my opinionated two cents.

Drafts 5 & NVAlt

Have you recreated your Alfred workflow in iOS?


Yes, just last week.

As written it requires Workflow and Dropbox but any cloud service should work with a bit of editing.