Drafts as destination for notes

I’m new to the community. I’ve played with Drafts for several years, but never made it an important part of my work flow, mostly because I rarely used my iOS devices for writing. Drafts for Mac has made me want to investigate the possibilities of this fine app again. It seems to me that Drafts for Mac has the features to actually be the place to store and manage your notes as well as being a waystation before moving notes on to other apps. I am wondering if people are using it this way – as a substitute for Evernote or the like? I am interested in these kinds of use cases. Thank you.


I am returning to Drafts after a long wait for the Mac app to appear. (So happy about that.) I am an enthusiastic note creator, and until recently I have been using Bear exclusively. But I love the Drafts interface, and its solidity and reliability. I am starting to use Drafts to collect what I think of as writing ideas, as opposed to the usual commonplace-book materials I put into Bear.

I was finding that a small note consisting of perhaps merely a brief phrase (e.g., a simile, a metaphor, a nonce word) — something caught on the fly — was easy to tag, store and find again in Drafts. I have come up with a batch of “literary” and rhetorical tags (name, simile, metaphor, alliteration, bon mot, etc.) and suddenly I had an alternative note storage system, just for creative writing. Yes, I could move all this to Bear, but then I would have to construct cleverly cantilevered subtags to keep things organized in that app. Drafts lets me have a simple, easy-to-access note manager just for my creative side, while still doing its normal duty as a customs house for text going elsewhere.

After sending notes on to other apps like Bear, Day One or Twitter, I archive them so that my Inbox can serve mostly as my own creative notes manager. I need to learn more about Workspaces, but I am enjoying my return to Drafts.

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Having Drafts be your ‘destination’ notes app is definitely viable although I would just wonder if it has the same functionality as Bear or Evernote. For example, the ability to clip content from the web and house it in Bear/Evernote for future reference is pretty awesome and I’m not sure how good Drafts can replicate that. But the ability of Drafts app to move content to other places is pretty impressive from what I’ve seen so far, so having it be the ‘destination’ as well as the ‘pass through’/accelerator does make sense.