TextExpander Changes Coming on iOS

I know a number of TextExpander users take advantage of Drafts’ integration and direct support of TextExpander on iOS. I wanted to give you all a head’s up this direct integration will no longer be available in upcoming versions of TextExpander, so anyone relying on that integration in their workflow can plan accordingly.

What does this mean for Drafts users?

If you do not use TextExpander, nothing. If you use TextExpander on macOS, also, nothing. TextExpander will continue to function in Drafts as-always on macOS.

If you use TextExpander integration on iOS, be aware that the direct integration in existing versions of Drafts will stop being able to refresh snippets and fill-in snippets will cease functioning after a TextExpander update sometime this Fall. Around the same time, TextExpander support will be removed from Drafts in an update.

To expand TextExpander snippets on iOS after this change, you will need to use the new TextExpander keyboard, which is in beta testing now.

Additionally, snippets in action templates that are expanded when the action is run using <<>> syntax will stop working.

How can I replace TextExpander functionality in Drafts?

You can, of course, continue to use TextExpander with Drafts, just via the new TextExpander keyboard. If you rely on other TextExpander functionality that is missing, please feel free to describe your use-case on the forums and we can help suggest alternatives. There are many options with Drafts, such the “Insert Text” action step and Autocomplete that can be used in similar ways…as well as options like Apple’s own text replacement system.

More From TextExpander

For more details on the changes and to get early access to TextExpander’s new iOS keyboard, please follow the link below and confer with TextExpander support directly with any concerns.


Wow. The i*OS integration with apps had been a significant draw for me for years. I use TextExpander across Windows PC, Mac, iPad and iPhone. The cross platform syncing of snippets has been key to my workflow for years now.

I sincerely hope that the folks over at TextExpander know what they are doing with this approach and it is an improvement rather then a regression.

What I am concerned about is how this change in approach will work with hardware keyboards on mobile Apple operating systems. First impression is it won’t. If so, that’s a game changer for me and not in a good way!

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The new TextExpander keyboard does work with hardware keyboards on iPad. It does have to be currently selected virtual keyboard, but it will work in any app.

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I wish I’d waited for you to reply before I tweeted TextExpander about how they are dealing with that :laughing:

Breathing a little easier now…




I’ve been a drafts user for ages and a TextExpander user for even longer, I had no idea that it worked in iOS drafts. Silly me.
Looks like it will be less convenient going forwards though.

In other news: The Future of TextExpander in Accelerating Automation

Drafts was the perfect front end for TextExpander.

Here is a screenshot of the how the Fill-In Snippets will work with the new keyboard.

That was physically painful to read. I think the author leaned a little too heavily on the “corporate buzzword” snippet group.

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So, I installed the TextExpander TestFlight beta.

Now Drafts’ “Refresh Snippets” action say “TextExpander not installed”. Not strictly accurate but presumably removal of support entirely will fix this. (And I’ll remove the Refresh Snippets step from my Daily Draft action.)

And, yes, I have a fill-in snippet (to record the duration of my run). The keyboard kicks this off - though switching keyboards is its usual cumbersome self.

when did you sign up for beta testing?

FWIW I did it today. Got an email with the TestFlight instructions. Seems quite nice from giving it a quick spin.

so you signed up today and got the email today? I wonder if I put my email in the wrong place. Is it this page where you enter the email? We’re Saying Goodbye to SDK

Yes. That’s the one. Email came through soon after with link to install in Testflight.

I registered yesterday, and sent it again today after I saw Martin had received an invite. Nothing has come through for me, and nothing in my spam filter.

I hope I’m not on the naughty list :innocent:

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same here. Im not getting anything. :cry:

I got the invite straight away but got rid of it as it caused carnage on my phone, it was fine on the iPad but the phone just got stuck on the “How to install keyboard”. This isn’t going to end well is it!

I didn’t get a response either but just went here:

And was able to download the TestFlight version

ok I see… they don’t really identify the download link very well… hehe

Drafts is one of the few apps that works perfectly with Magic Keyboard and the new TE keyboard. Its really hit and miss with an external keyboard in other apps. Great job @agiletortoise