POLL: What services would you like to see added to Drafts?



Mac version is in the works and coming along nicely. Still no timeframe to promise, but it’s coming.


Not sure if this is feasible or not, but I would love to have a single, shared database of notes in Dropbox or iCloud Drive so it could sync with my nvALT folder. So instead of importing/syncing back and forth, both editors would show with the same plain txt files regardless of which one I happen to be using. I currently use Workflow for posting to Slack but +1 for Sheets and Airmail.


Listaway & Notability


I would love some type of WordPress integration.


I’ll second this. Wordpress integration would be fantastic.


Wow, this is awesome! Yes, I got the impression you were working on a Mac version and would be glad to help for free during my vacation if there was anything I really could do. Until then I will have to rely on my Alfred workflow (called “Drafts”, by the way :wink:


  • ⌘⌥⇧D sends the selection (or new input text) to the auto imported Reminders list “Draft”, almost immediately visible in Drafts.

  • + [Text in Alfred window on the Mac] adds text to a general text file “+.txt” in Dropbox that is mirror of a Drafts action, doing the same thing, which may then be opened i nvALT. Some other options are also built in (such that + (Alfred workflow) writes to the latest modified file if not pressing any modifier keys and so on).

So Alfred on the Mac has been tailored to mimic Drafts’ brilliant metaphor “text first” (or at least with simplest possible action just to get a text field to write in, and take notes on the fly).

  • Drafts → Dropbox ← Alfred

This is a poor mans solution without any sophisticated sync functions but anyway, rather helpful in my GTD attempts.

Now, JUST THINK: Wouldn’t it be great if the ingenious textfield of Drafts just could be summoned to the Mac Screen—in sync with iOS! To me that would be Revolution 2.0 to say the least.


MindNode I am new to Drafts and loving it. Since we are expressing our wishes, I’d like to have the ability to create an Action including MindNode (which I use, among other things, as a poor man’s project manager). I did not see anything about MindNode in the Action Directory or other search. Thank you for a great App.


Dropbox Paper. It’s my primary method of getting short docs or content into a web application, since I use a PC, Mac, and iOS devices.

They have an API with POST/GET methods, but homerolling my own action has been really complicated (it might have to do with their API’s sophistication, or lack thereof).


The only thing I really need is the macOS version of Drafts.


It’s pretty easy to send to Mindnode at present. If you use tabs in the draft’s content to observe the desired mind map structure, then use Open In > Copy to Mindnode, you are done.


If you’ve not got the “Open in,” action, it’s this one.


  1. Apple Notes
  2. Tick Tick
  3. Gmail
  4. Evernote


Really fantastic to hear that this is coming


For Apple Notes, see the Apple Notes integration guide. That is limited by what Apple supports.

Not sure what you are wanting with Evernote, Drafts Evernote support is already pretty complete.

There actions for the Gmail app as well.


MindNode support is limited by the few URL schemes MindNode supports. You might ask their support for a richer set that can accept content.


I recently talked to their support about this and they are looking into it!


I use notability a lot for taking notes mainly hand written. I wish there was an action to send draft to most recent notability note or select. The notes I would hand write on iPad I use Drafts for on iPhone.


They are owned by Salesforce, so they might gain some steam over time.


I use Dropbox Paper for clients and would appreciate a straightforward action to share on DBP.


What about Working Copy? Pythonista has great integration with Working Copy through the iOS file system. There are some drafts I would like to version control using Git (especially scripts), and then I could also open them on my Windows desktop using Visual Studio Code or Sublime Text.

I store many of my Python and JavaScript scripts on GitHub, and currently it’s a manual process top copy over to Working Copy and back. Maybe there’s a way to do this and I haven’t thought of it.