POLL: What services would you like to see added to Drafts?

What service integrations would you like to see come to Drafts? Pick up to three services you would most like to see added to Drafts. Or comment below with other suggestions!

This is by no means a promise any of these will happen or in what timeframe - just trying to get help prioritizing what would be valuable to add to the platform

  • Google Docs
  • Google Sheets
  • Office 365
  • OneNote
  • LinkedIn
  • Intuit (Quickbooks)
  • Freshbooks
  • Trello
  • Slack
  • Asana

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One not in the list I would like to see: Quip. It’s very similar to Google Docs, but their apps get updated for new iOS features and hardware much faster! Of course, they’re a much smaller user base too :slight_smile:


I saw quicken and fresh books, and that made me consider YNAB. They just recently added an API and it would be convenient to use drafts for processing transactions to be added there.


mailchimp would be great too


It would help me to have integration with Salesforce.com.


I would love to see integrations with the Moxtra collaboration platform.

Better WordPress integration would be helpful. I had the action configured but couldn’t get titles and markdown working. Maybe it’s a PEBKAC problem of the ID-10-T variant.


YNAB would be awesome.


I can see something like the WordPress (+1 @chrisandrews) being a big help to a large group of users, but the others, I wonder about the cost of implementation vs the total number of users of those integrations.

It would be cool if the action directory had authentication support for APIs. Then we could make many of these requests that depend on an API and publish them to the Action Directory.

It would take you to the Auth Page to allow you to authenticate and return a key (stored locally). Then you could manage the logins in the “Credentials” area in the app’s settings.

I don’t know the full cost of implementation on that idea, but that would allow the developers who use Drafts to assist in making many of these implementations and host them in the Actions Directory where you can choose which apps you want.


The Ghost Blog platform.


Grocery IQ

Remember The Milk

I’m not in, but Mastodon is trendy.


Yes, Office 365 may be a good option for me too since I will probably be “forced” to use it by my employer.

However, FAR ABOVE THAT on my wish list is Drafts for Mac OS X! I have made some workflows (or rather “work arounds”) in Alfred to simplify things but they could never, ever compete with a native application from Agile Tortoise.


Agree! Would love to have tbis on the Mac as well


Number 1 for me, too - this brilliant app for Mac OSX, by a long way. I’d like Trello and Airmail or Cloze too.


I use Ghost. There are very few ways of posting to Ghost without writing inside Ghost… Just saying.

Plus my strong vote for Drafts MacOS. The notes/writing apps market for MacOS is fairly full, but there’s nothing with the fast start up, flexibility and scriptable actions of Drafts. A definite gap to plug into here, not to mention the synergy of iOS + MacOS.


Still keeping my fingers crossed for a Mac app too. :slight_smile:


I have only one wish: any means to add text to Drafts notes from MacOS. Read/Modify would be nice too. I do not need all the nice stuff of IOS-Drafts!! A connection to a 3rd party editor would be sufficient (shared notes library with Simplenote for example).

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Not one of the listed items has any interest for me. However, I agree with others that a macOS version would have great utility.

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