POLL: What services would you like to see added to Drafts?



I use Agenda all the time now for work and personal projects. Nothing like having a markdown editor to take notes and have them tied to various events on my calendar.

Makes notes is now a breeze.

Seems like a lot of folks are wanting integration with a variety of services/apps. Check out Agenda Users’ requests here: https://agenda.community/search?q=integration

Not sure how easy it would be to prioritize this with all the other suggestions, but let’s just say I don’t envy you or the prioritization process.



Agenda support CANNOT be a priority in Drafts unfortunately @swh.

The low, relative, user count by Draft users would surely be a factor IF AND ONLY IF the fine folks over at Agenda were first to give even a rudimentary URL / x-callback scheme.

They (AGENDA) have given indications that they have bigger fish to fry than a robust URL scheme as they upgrade their very new application with new functionality.

Perhaps one day


Not to sink any ideas on this thread, but wasn’t Greg looking at feedback on service integrations rather than local app integrations?

Local app integrations via URL scheme are possible with the existing functionality. You can certainly get at least some rudimentary integration through that with apps like Working Copy; I have some that I’m developing for managing my web site which I’m preparing to migrate to a new platform that leverages Git.


Completely understood. Putting in the backlog is what I was expecting, since there are a lot of great ideas being shared on this topic.

I see it as a nice to have. Thanks for considering it.


Not to mention share sheets and open in…


Sorry,. perhaps my wording was too clumsy!
I’m not with either Agenda nor Drafts - merely a dedicated user of each!
My “Schedule-Diary-System” revolves around them plus Things.

I’m hoping for integration that is a little less clumsy, and that doesn’t rely on the manual cut and paste steps that I have to do now, but I feel that my dream is likely further off than other items I see called for repeatedly by the user community of each!


big hole with Agenda but it is on that side for now.


I keep all my actions in git and recently downloaded Working Copy. This sounds interesting.


You can do a lot with the extensive Working Copy URL scheme. You can save a file there, commit files, and even push to a remote from drafts. Use the x-callback-url action.


You wouldn’t be willing to link to those Alfred workarounds?


Drafts on the Mac is way out in front of my list of enhancements


Pretty much anything Drafts can do in terms of automation can be done in Alfred (indeed, most of my custom actions and searches in Drafts are adaptations / conversions of my existing Alfred workflows). What you don’t get is the document management and the ease of creating a new note without worrying about the file system.

The alternative I’ve been using is an Alfred workflow that hooks into a script to open BBEdit with a new document containing the clipboard contents, with flags to open it “clean” i.e. so if you don’t change it, you can just close the window with no save dialog, and with the cursor at the front.

pbpaste | /usr/local/bin/bbedit --clean --view-top

This is called from a keyword but I also have it set up

Hotkey with selected text as argument > Copy to Clipboard > Run Script

BBEdit itself can also run scripts on the text – see Writing a Drafts script step which can also run in macOS BBEdit

For my usage, though, Drafts has really been about getting iOS devices to do things I can already do easily on the Mac, so I don’t see the Mac version as a priority (or even necessary) – I realise that makes me a heretic in these parts.


I think, that iThoughts may be the better candidate than MindNode in this regards!

It is also the by far more capable mind mapping software and additionally not subscription based.

Also, it is available on desktop, so would play well with Drafts on desktop.


OMFG, of course!

WorkingCopy support would be the absolute killer feature!

You can get things out of Drafts and back in again, you can easily access stuff everywhere.

This is be best idea I heard about!!!


That would be lovely but I don’t think iThoughts supports URL schemes or Mac scripting of any description.

(I’m a heavy user of iThoughts, especially on the Mac, by the way.)



I would be glad to even though this may not be the right forum. Excuse me for a rather lengthy post then.

My workflows are poorly documented and nothing fancy but since this community seems to consist of “power users” it should be straight forward to use and modify whatever you find useful. Also, I have no particular place to publish them but for now just put them in a folder on Google Drive here.

(The folder now added “Alfred” is a subfolder of “Project” which in turn contains

  • auxiliary documentation and reference material pertaining to all my projects in a GTD sense, that is not part of
  • scientific references in Papers or
  • more general links in dedicated Evernote notebooks or
  • tasks for mutual collaboration in Trello.

I can put whatever Alfred stuff I have and you want in that folder until better solutions are available.)

Here are some further explanations though. Maybe this may not be the best forum, even if it is in fact, some kind of “services” connected to Drafts that may be elaborated and any ideas are appreciated.


I am often in the writing process of several document or just drafting ideas for applications, documentation for reports etc. It has hunted me for years to streamline this process, have documents readily accessible to edit and as a Scratch Pad for Scrivener. Drafts is my all-time high companion but I really needed some “mirror solution” on the Mac.

So, here is my current setup for this purpose. I was even able to take notes—on the Mac—simultaneously with a Keynote presentation on another screen which surprised me, even though I made it myself.


  • Dropbox folder for notes.
  • nvALT uses the same folder.
  • Scrivener Scratch Pad is also used for the same folder.
  • Drafts can of course easily add stuff to this folder too.
  • One general scratch file, simply called “+” and others with more telling names (e.g. always the deadline, if applicable, and a short name s.a. “2018-08-22 KI”, for a presentation at Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, or RCE etc.


In Drafts I have the following actions tailored for this purpose:

  • >> +
    • Append time stamped note to +.txt
  • >> …
    • Prompt for a file name (with current projects subject to change) and then append a time stamped note to that file.
  • >> [title]
    • Append to title.txt (or create the file s.a. GTD.txt)
  • > [Note date time]
    • Create a separate note s.a. “Note 2018-07-28 12.45.14.txt”.
  • > [title]
    • Similare to above but replace. (Careful!)


The Alfred workflow “Drafts” (is one of my current 258 workflows under continues development until a Mac version is available) does more or less the same thing as above, but with more advanced options in that little nice Powerpac.

  • ⌘⌥⇧D Sends the selection and Alfred window to a Reminders list Drafts which is auto imported in Drafts
  • + [text] appends a time stamped note to the latest modified note in the Dropbox folder Notes, i.e. the default path.
    • ⇧ forces the append to +.txt
    • ⌥ append to current path (which may be different or the same depending on what I’m working on).
    • fn File filer in Alfred to optionally set another current path.
  • Empty or no text just notifies the user of default path and current path.

Since I got tired of clicking around and typing I recently created another workflow “Keys” which is simply a complement to Keyboard Maestro and TextExpander (allowing for more general solutions and integrations, even passwords, not recommended) also exported to the folder Alfred.

This workflow types a list of keys in the clipboard, with a time delay t between the strokes.

E.g. Set the clipboard to this list in Applescript in another workflow:

{{return}, {"q", {command down}}

Then press the (my) hotkey ⌘⌥⇧:leftwards_arrow_with_hook: for this workflow which will press return and then cmd-q, i.e. :leftwards_arrow_with_hook: ⌘q. (Maybe I will improve it to take a more readable list s.a. {“⌘⌥⇧E”, 0.2} with an optional time delay.)

With all these wonderful tools there is really no excuse anymore for not gettings things done (not at least for my computer)!

Greg, really sorry for this long post but feel free to move it or delete it all together.

All the best,


I agree and don’t find it heretic depending on the potential user base but would anyway be an early adopter of a Mac version of Drafts (syncing the complete database with iOS).

For me the nicest thing would be a more integrated ecosystem than my own patchwork of scripts, apps and folders—and a super fast, distraction free, writing area (just a little more “editor” than Alfred) where text comes first (even if I am presenting on another screen simultaneously).


Thanks for sharing! These are really sophisticated additions to a Dropbox-based workflow with Drafts (or any cloud storage). Now I’m wishing I’d stuck it out with a Dropbox solution rather than trying to make Bear do both syncing and actual note storage.

Drafts for Mac is going to change everything for me. I made a thread on another Discourse dreaming about the actual automation that we might be able to do down the road. I too though primarily want my text to sync, even if we don’t get a single automation feature for a year after Drafts for Mac launches (which I don’t think is Greg’s plan). It speaks to how good of an app Drafts is that there are so many people in the same boat of wanting syncing for the same reasons, but still using Drafts while it’s only on iOS for how powerful and useful it still is without that sync.


It used to be possible to run Drafts on iOS from Alfred using Command-C but it’s sadly now defunct. Might be possible to resurrect it somehow:


You’re welcome,

Things may change with the next OS, Mojave, where it will be possible to run iOS apps on the desktop. I wonder though, if this is really a competing solution with a native Mac version of Drafts. Let’s hope for the best and that Greg will find some high quality time to work this out.

(BTW, since I noticed you are music teacher I couldn’t resist exporting another Alfred workflow “Music” with “Piano” to the sme folder and change it to English. It is just a simple conversion from the frequency in Hertz to the note on a well tempered piano. Example: piano 440 should return a1.)