Evernote iOS app removes URL scheme support

For those that use Evernote with Drafts, be aware that the update to their iOS app that was released September 15, 2020, no longer supports the URL schemes or x-callback-urls supported by previous versions of their app.

I have yet to find any specific mention of this from Evernote, so I’m not clear if this is a bug, and oversight, or a planned change. It’s possible they plan to add that support back to the app in the future, but it seems the rewrote the app from the ground up and did not include this feature in the rewrite.

Actions that use direct integration via the Evernote action step do still work on iOS, at least for now.

If you are not sure which type of Evernote actions you use, simply put the ones that stay in Drafts will work. Ones that launch the Evernote app will no longer work. The Evernote app still registers the evernote:// URL scheme, so it will launch, but nothing happens after it launches.

Evernote has not been very transparent about its integration plans moving forward, no longer supports their iOS integration SDK, and has ignored attempts to contact them regarding issues. Evernote integration on iOS continues to work because we have put in the effort to fork and update their SDK ourselves.

Drafts has a long history with Evernote, and we’d love to continue to support it, but it’s pretty unclear what that may look like when they are not communicating. If you are an Evernote user, and would like to see it continue to integrate with other apps and services, I highly recommend you let them know that it’s important to you through the support channels.


That sounds really bad.
Another reason to leave the Evernote wagon?

But thank you for your great information gathering.

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