Will Drafts for Mac be able to restore from a backup?

Will Drafts for Mac be able to restore from a backup?

Preferences indicates we can specify how frequently we want our drafts to be backed up. But there doesn’t seem to be a restore function.

How can we do a restore? Will this be built in later?

Backups are written to files in iCloud Drive.Details.

Import will be supported on Mac before the final release, but for now import is only available on iOS.

Have you reviewed this thread? I just checked and still only seem to see Drafts 4 listed.

sylumer thanks for the pointer to the threads backups page.

As the other member wrote,

  • I launch the iOS Files app
  • browse to iCloud:Drafts:Backups:Drafts folder
  • tap Select in top-right corner
  • scroll down and select the backup to be restore
  • tap on the Share Sheet
  • and there isn’t a “Copy to Drafts” item

Looking for direction here…

iOS file type registration is really wonky. Drafts is the creator of those files, and registers as an owner of those files, but iOS does not always offer it as an option to open them for many users. It’s super frustrating.

I need to workaround this with an in-app restore option. That’s been on my list for a while, but is not in the app yet. I know many other apps that allow opening of files will work - for example if you move the file to Dropbox, open it in the Dropbox app and share, the “Copy to Drafts” option will be there and allow you to run the import.

Import support will be in the next Mac build as well.

I put a work-around using shortcuts in the other thread: No way to restore from backup on iOS