No way to restore from backup on iOS

I visited and read in the details:

  • All export files may be re-imported into drafts by visiting the Files app, browsing to the file and selecting “Copy to Drafts”.

…but I am not seeing a “Copy to Drafts” activity in the share sheet in the files app. I’ve also checked “More…” but there is none available.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Make sure the files you are importing are appropriate and you should have it.

Try with just one plain text file and see what you get.

Understood. It works for .txt files but not for the .draftsExport extension…

Ah got what you mean now. I get the option to copy those backup files to Drafts 4, but not Drafts 5. I’ve tried uninstalls and updates to see if Drafts 4 was overriding Drafts 5 in any way, but no such luck. Perhaps this is a missing option? One for @agiletortoise to confirm I think.

I’m having this same problem. I did a backup, then archived a bunch of non-currents drafts. This left me about 20 drafts.

Last night I launched Drafts 5 (I’m a Pro subscriber) to find about half of my drafts are missing. Not in the trash, not archived.

Very concerning as I had about a dozen drafts that I was working on—only to ALL of my recent drafts gone!

There’s a backup function. How can I recover from a recent backup?

Hi! This seems to be an issue with iOS. You can use this Apple Shortcut and share the file to it (by tapping “Shortcuts” in the bottom row of the share sheet and then “Force open in”) and the resulting share sheet should have an option to “Copy to Drafts”.