TIP: Batch Operations with "Select > Operations"



The drafts and action lists allow selection of multiple items. Once selected the you can perform one of many operations on the selections.

To enter select mode, tap the “Select” button at the bottom of the draft or action list. Checkboxes appear to indicate current selections.

You can also tap and hold the “Select” button to select all drafts currently displayed in the list.

Once you have made selections, tap “Operations” and you will be prompted to choose one of the available operations. In the drafts list, these include items to do things like:

  • Move the selected drafts to the archive or trash.
  • Add or remove tags from all selected drafts.
  • Merge the selected drafts into one longer draft.
  • Run an action on all the selected drafts.

in the action list, options include moving to copying actions between action groups.