Tasks In Drafts

Bit by bit drafts is taking over more and more jobs of other apps in my Mac world.

The latest one I am exploring is Tasks. Specifically, I want to add a task for the future - say next monday. I haven’t worked out how to do this draft my draft - BUT - I have worked out the following

  1. Create a new Workspace with Start Date set to (say) next Monday and filter on tag = ‘delayedtask’
  2. any new draft I create that I want to delay until next Monday, I simply add delayedtask as a tag and move on

So - the behavior works - BUT - it is a not very good kluge

  1. you can see the tag in all the other workspaces - so it isnt really hidden unless I change all the workspaces AND
  2. I have to have a Workspace for every different date I want to use - and that gets real messy for every ‘future’ workspace I need that many times mnumber of workspace.

Totally unmanageable

Is there something I am missing in how I might achieve something like this - or is this a case of pushing an idea too far?

I was kinda thinking that if every draft simply had a 'hide until field - which hid any draft that had a date later than today across the app - with the one exception being ‘all drafts’ - since you will always need a way to se EVERYTHING - that would work?

Any ideas welcome.


Maybe this discussion will give you some ideas for filtering the future?

WELL - look at that - a conversation on this very idea - different application - from 4 years old - who knew. Thankyou. I read through and it triggered a few thoughts in my head as I suspect you thought it would. Very much appreciated - will take a detailed look over the weekend - I am already way over bed time as I have in parallel been playing around with the AirTable integration.

Do I need to integrate with AirTable?

Well - not yet - but you never know :slight_smile:

Thanks again.


You said it, it’s unmanageable in Drafts, simply because the app was not made for that.

But Drafts is made to connect with other apps, maybe you could explore this way.

I did this, for my workfow. I had to manage reminders for some drafts. And Drafts is perfectly dealing with iOS Reminders, so I wrote an action creating a task in Reminders with the title of the draft I want to follow-up and with the due date I want.

Each app is doing its job : Drafts with text, and Reminders with tasks.


I agree - and that IS what I do - though in my case they go to Things - but same principle.

The ‘thing’ is - for the drafts need - overkill. For example, I might have a half written post in Drafts that I want to finish, sometime - but right now it isn’t urgent, so I want to park it - and not clutter up my drafts views. It’s not necessary to send it to Things and if I did the words are now over in Things. Yes there is Hooked - but again - maybe overkill.

In the end - playing around with the ideas in the reply from @sylumer - I have created a defer tag - which I think @agiletortoise suggested and redefined some of my Workspaces to accommodate hiding the post - so for now I am good.

Fully accept and agree that it is a stretch from the core use case - a place to keep your text. So - like why I wouldn’t want inline images for example - because I wouldn’t want to break the beauty - I wonder if having a simple extension on the app that

  1. Allows me to set a date - draft my draft
  2. Lets me add a filter function to my Workspaces, so that ‘If date is set and it is in the future - don’t show it’ …

and yes fully aware that Greg could do that - and I can guarantee I havent thought through all the aah yes but what about options that may emerge.

For now good.

My ‘edge case’ is closed - unless I am needed for beta testing this brilliant new feature :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Thankyou all.

I had asked.about something similar a few years ago. See string below.

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We can start a club

In the end I have set up 3 workspaces to handle what I am doing - and one of those is specifically a work space that is aLL tasks sent to Apple reminders - and over in a new calendar app I have discovered - that adds a layer over my existing set I can add times to allocate to each reminder and then drag reminder into my calendar - where it blocks off the time you allocated in the calendar - so it over comes the giant list with no time - because it ll ha to git in to the time space.

It’s now - lets see how it goes.

Who knows maybe I will end up moving out of Things and back to reminders!

This is sort of a tangential tip, but could be handy in a Drafts + Reminders workflow. Siri understands current activities used in Handoff between devices…so if you are looking at a draft in Drafts on your iPhone or iPad, you can trigger Siri and say “Remind me of this at …” and it will create a reminder in the Reminders app that has a link to the specific draft.


Thankyou - I always forget about Siri