Reminders - Actions that Create Reminder + Alert for 'tomorrow', 'two days from now' and 'next week'

There are many times when it is late at night and things pop into my head that I want or need to do the next day. I have found Drafts wonderful for those sorts of items - quickly capture the idea, thought or task, and click a “Add to Reminders” action and it sends it to Apple Reminders.

What I’d like to do is have the action automatically set the reminder date to ‘tomorrow’ and the Reminders alert time to a specific time (i.e. 8AM, or Noon or whatever). Then I’d like to copy that to another action where the reminder date is, say, two days away and maybe make a third action where the due date/reminder alert is a day ‘next week’.

I know there are “Reminders with Options” actions but late at night, I don’t want to fiddle with the date, the priority, or the other options. I just want a ‘one click’ action that will capture the reminder and set it to remind me the next morning (or any of the other scenarios noted earlier).

Still trying to figure out how to develop my own actions in Drafts - but need some clear guidance on how to do this. If someone could point me in the right direction or share a snippet of code that enables this, would be forever grateful!

Hope this makes sense.