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I believe that, a couple builds ago, when I hit the key combo to bring up the quick capture window, the floating window would appear, but the main application window would not. Now, the main application window appears, forcing me to flip back to the app I was working in to take my note. Did anyone else see this, and does anyone know how to set it back?

Thank you in advance!


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Using the capture window will bring the whole app to the front. You can close the main window and leave the app running if you don’t want to see it all the time.

Got it. Ok, thank you!

That is actually an odd experience for a quick note scenario.
Is there some technical reason behind it? If not, I (and at least some) would prefer the main app doesn’t show up when I press cmd shift 1

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Another example of unexpected behaviour occurs when using multiple desktops. With Drafts open in one desktop and the capture window in another, dismissing the capture window will switch desktops to the one with the main Drafts window.

It seems like you’re saying that this is the intended behaviour, but if this is so I would urge a rethink. I hope I’ve misunderstood!

I came here / made an account here to check on this behavior! (Specifically the multiple desktops element.)

I love leaving Drafts opened side-by-side with Things on a separate desktop to my main space, and Quick Capture is an excellent feature to pull up on the fly as I’m working.

However, moving to the main application as soon as I finish a Quick Capture is something I’d love to disable, since I’m generally Quick Capturing in order to keep doing what I’m doing on my main desktop.

Also, thanks for the Mac app in general - I love it overall!

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I’d like to also comment that this feels like weird behavior. When I open the quick-capture window, it’s usually because I’m in the middle of some flow - coding, emailing, whatever - and want to take a note without getting pulled out of that flow. I’d love it if just the quick-capture window popped up, not the quick-capture window and the main window.


Behaviour still present in today’s build. The way it works is so annoying that I’m not making any use of quick entry whereas it should be extremely useful. If I could vote for one fix it would be this.

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I absolutely agree with PhilipK on all points. Forced switching after completing Quick Capture text input to the main application breaks down many workflows, especially when working with multiple Spaces in Mac. This is annoying and makes Quick Capture tool useful only 5 or 10% of its possible functionality. I’ve noticed that this paradoxically makes it less common to use Drafts Mac itself for me…