POLL: What services would you like to see added to Drafts?



Thanks for an interesting information since I have Command-C but never tried it in this way. It is of course possible to use the ordinary clipboard, and maybe Copied for “moving chunks around”, but not optimal.


YNAB and Anylist would be great!



One Note but I think there’s no URL scheme or way to make that happen like evernote

Working Copy would be great as well


Microsoft Flow would be amazing.




MyFitnessPal would be amazing. If it was possible.


Wunderlist has never provided good ways to integrate in the past. As far as I know that is still the case.


You can use the OneNote share extension with the “Share” action - and setup email actions that email to OneNote.

Working Copy integration is also quite possible. They have extensive URL schemes. I know some people are using it already, hopefully some will share the actions they’ve made.


Might I suggest checking the number of people who ‘loved’ the idea of a MacOS version. I’m in that bunch, too.

While I’d love to have a MacOS version, I’d be happy enough with a ‘text sync’ of some kind. Perhaps a general option to sync a txt/md version with iCloud Files might be a straightforward way to start, then we can at least cobble together a version to sync that directory to other file sharing services with IFTTT.


A Mac version is in the works. More information will be forthcoming soon.


Take your time, I don’t want to rush you and have complete trust in your brilliant work and will get by with some workarounds until then.

For me the greatest benefit with a Mac version would be some kind of “Handoff” solution, especially when picking up Drafts—and continue to edit a draft (without having to export/import files or using copy/paste to move things around). Since I have a lot of other tools (Alfred, with my own workflow “Keys”, Keyboard Maestro, TextExpander, Hazel etc.) the other functions in Drafts for iOS are not that crucial on my Mac.

(For those of you who know the story about Elijah I’m thinking about 1 Kings 18:44-46. I have now seen “a cloud in the size of a small hand, arising from the sea” and I know a great rain is going to fall and bless us all after this dreadful drought :wink:


I’ll look at what can be done with the URL schemes. When I thought of “integration”, I thought of how apps are now able to use the open-in-place functionality with the iOS file system. The nice thing about that would be, for example, the ability to open script files in Textastic or another programming text editor that is more suited to scripting. Any changes in one app are automatically reflected in the others, including Working Copy. It’s a fantastic workflow for my Python files and some other things, but I understand if it’s not a good fit for Drafts.


What about MS Teams and Anylist?


Thanks so much!

I signed up for a account to thank you for working on a MacOS version of Drafts.

Also - Take your time to make it great - don’t feel rushed! I’m sure many of us work in software, and we understand that good stuff takes time. :smile:


Amen to that! I once worked with a project leader who always remarked, “We will serve no software before its time!” (Of course, you would have to be old enough to recognize the reference to Orson Well’s brief stint pushing wine to get the humor…)


Send to Scrivener.

This might be a difficult one! But as a professional writer reliant on the most widely-used tool for long-form writing, a way to send/add/append to Scrivener would be hugely beneficial.


This would require L&L to up their automation game in ways that aren’t likely given the size of their shop. See Integrate with Scrivener?


Does Pastebin have an API that you could hook into?


Just for info, PasteBin does indeed have a documented API that could be used.

I’d +1 PasteBin integration :sunglasses:.


Ooh how about Telegram Messenger using tg://