iCloud Syncing via Family sharing

Hi everyone!
If possible, I need some help with the following:
I have 2 iPhones - one personal and one from work. Obviously they have 2 different Apple IDs and 2 iCloud accounts.
I solved the problem of sharing the same purchased apps by inviting my second account as a family member to the first one.
So as a result I have the following configuration:

iPhone 1

  • Account 1
    iPhone 2
  • Account 2
  • Account 1 (invited as a family member)

So I have Drafts 5 on both devices - with active subscription (same).

I want the information to be shared across these 2 accounts, but by default it does not work,
Any ideas how I can exchange Drafts between devices?
There is an Export or Backup function, but they also go only to only one iCloud, and I could not fine Import or restore back anyways.
Any help or ideas will be appreciated.
Thank you!

There is no synching available across different Apple IDs.

You can export/import. You can export all your content using backups, or by using batch operations to export select drafts.

The export files can be imported by just opening the exported file in Drafts from the Files app, or by using “Import File” in the new draft options available when you tap and hold “+”.

Hope this helps!

Will try. Thank you for the great product!

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