Drafts 18.0 (iOS) Released - Contextual Menus, TaskPaper improvements

Drafts 18 (iOS) has been released in the App Store, details below. See also release notes for Drafts 18 for macOS

Contextual Menus

  • Lots of new iOS 13 contextua (long press) menus. Tap and hold (or force touch where available) on top toolbar items in the editor, drafts in the draft list, actions in the action list. Some options were already available, but we have dramatically enhanced these contextual menus to allow easy access to a variety of common functions - like creating drafts with syntax/tags, moving tags - even running actions without opening the action list. Take the time to tap and hold on things to see the new options.

Other New Things

  • Tappable tasks in TaskPaper syntax. Tapping the list mark at the beginning of a TaskPaper task line will now add-remove the @done status for that line in drafts using TaskPaper syntax.
  • TaskPaper example action group. If you are interested in using TaskPaper, we have created an example TaskPaper action group designed for use in the Action Bar with many common TaskPaper commands, to add tasks, assign due/start dates to selected lines and archive done items. Visit the Action Directory to download the TaskPaper action group
  • Arrange mode now has compact/expanded mode toggle. Compact mode truncates longer items to allow more to be displayed when working with longer blocks/lines. Compact mode also disabled inline editing of elements.

Other Changes and Updates

  • Fix: Addressed most known crashing issues.
  • Fix: We have updated our fork of the Evernote SDK to remove dependencies on some deprecated iOS APIs, and to again support authentication for users who login to Evernote using their Google account.
  • Change: Audit of how/when draft version history entries are automatically created. Should be more reliable capturing some state changes and avoiding duplicate versions.
  • Fix: Targeting specific OneNote notebook might not work in some cases with OneNote action steps.
  • Fix: Issue with reordering action groups not working properly with certain data sets.
  • Fix: Possible issue reordering workspaces with certain data sets.
  • Change: Periodically reset sync log if logging is enabled to prevent excessive log sizes.
  • Fix: Workaround alignment issue for strings beginning line with a smart quote.
  • Change: Refactor some initialization code to try to better troubleshoot a couple of minor crashing issues.
  • Change: Remove “Create Draft with Clipboard” shortcut action. This can be handled better with new “Create Draft” intent.
  • Change: Enable raw URLs in preview windows to be tappable.
  • Fix: Background colors applied by syntax highlighting (as inline code) might not get cleared immediately if the text changed it ways that should disable that background color.
  • Fix: Avoid state where action list gets left open after creating a new draft when returning to the app.
  • Lots of other minor tweaks and fixes.

For a complete history of updates, visit the changelog


Amazing update as always!

Are there any videos that show the TaskPaper integration? Do I need the TaskPaper app to use these actions?

TaskPaper is just a text format. You do not need anything to use it in Drafts. The example actions are to do common text manipulations and are based on similar commands in the TaskPaper Mac app, but operate in Drafts and are not related to the app.

This is awesome, thank you!