Drafts 18 (macOS) Released

Drafts 18 (macOS) has been released in the Mac App Store, details below. See also release notes for Drafts 18 for iOS

What’s New

  • Clickable tasks in TaskPaper syntax. Clicking the list mark at the beginning of a TaskPaper task line will now add-remove the @done status for that line in drafts using TaskPaper syntax.
  • TaskPaper example action group. If you are interested in using TaskPaper, we have created an example TaskPaper action group designed for use in the Action Bar with many common TaskPaper commands, to add tasks, assign due/start dates to selected lines and archive done items. Visit the Action Directory to download the TaskPaper action group
  • New: File > New with Syntax menu items to create new drafts with a specific syntax already assigned.
  • New: Ability to edit action bar label for separators.
  • New: Added ability to view action log for only the current draft, from popover below editor.

Other Changes and Updates

  • Fix: Addressed most known crashing issues.
  • Change: Audit of how/when draft version history entries are automatically created. Should be more reliable capturing some state changes and avoiding duplicate versions.
  • Fix: Targeting specific OneNote notebook might not work in some cases with OneNote action steps.
  • Fix: Issue with reordering action groups not working properly with certain data sets.
  • Fix: Possible issue reordering workspaces with certain data sets.
  • Fix: If a draft was selected for appending in the capture window, then opened and editing in the main window, returning to capture and appending additional text without reselecting the draft for appending could result is overwriting main window edits.
  • Change: Periodically reset sync log if logging is enabled to prevent excessive log sizes.
  • Fix: Global shortcut for main window should bring app to front if window is already visible but not active.
  • Fix: Issue with text flicker and dissapearance when clicking task marks.
  • Fix: Be less agressive reloading draft list on some functions to avoid visual glitches reloading list.
  • Fix: Layout glitch changing margins in editor preferences.
  • Fix: Workaround alignment issue for strings beginning line with a smart quote.
  • Fix: Toolbar items in main window were not activated properly in the overflow menu which appears when the window is too narrow to display all items.
  • Change: Increase priority of action pane toolbar items so they are less likely to be collapsed into overflow menu when window is too narrow.
  • Fix: Select action view should remember last selected action group.
  • Fix: Better position action selection window when using “Run Action” from drafts list context menu.
  • Fix: Changes in the editor could be overwritten if using the context menu on the draft list to alter the same draft before a save occured.
  • Fix: Background colors applied by syntax highlighting (as inline code) might not get cleared immediately if the text changed it ways that should disable that background color.

For a complete history of updates, visit the changelog