Drafts 16 (macOS) Released with Action Support

Drafts 16 (macOS) has been released in the Mac App Store, details below.


The full power of Drafts actions, previously only available on the iOS version, are now available for Mac! Integrate with many popular apps and services, and manipulate your drafts and text with scripted actions!

If you use the iOS version, all your existing actions will automatically sync to the Mac. If not, a default set of actions will be configured.

Actions are available through the action pane to the right of the main window, via the “Actions” menu, or the Action Bar.

Action Cross-Platform Notes

The majority of actions just work across platforms, but there are some cases where action steps could not be supported, or behaviors are slightly different. For full details, read the platform compatibility notes. A few key differences to note:

  • The following action step types are not available on Mac due to the lack of necessary functionality: Evernote, Event, Run Shortcut, Open in…
  • HTML Mail is not supported on the Mac. We are working on a solution to this and an option to send HTML mail on the Mac via a helper app should be available soon - so stay tuned.
  • Actions which rely on URL schemes in other apps are supported, but support for URL schemes sometimes varies between platforms in many apps - so even if a particular app you use may be available on both iOS and Mac, is not a guarantee integration via URL scheme will work the same. For many popular apps these actions will work fine (Examples: Things, OmniFocus, Day One, Todoist), other apps do not implement the same URL scheme support in their Mac version (Examples: Fantastical, Evernote).

Other New Items

  • All draft windows are now full main window instances with access to the drafts and action lists. They will be opened with panels closed if you double-click on a draft in the draft list, but can open them and access those features.
  • File and reminder import features, configured in preferences, to automatically import from a reminders list and/or text files in the “Inbox” folder in /iCloud Drive/Drafts/Inbox. Automatic Import documentation
  • Ability to configure and run action group backups in Preferences. Backup docs
  • Manage service credentials in Preferences. Credentials docs
  • Support for additional URL actions, including /arrange, /runAction, and support for the action parameter on other actions (where supported). URL Scheme documentation
  • Support “tagged” filtering in tag filters and workspaces. The inverse of the existing “untagged” special value - will match any draft with one or more tags assigned. Filtering docs
  • Previews now support printing, and “Copy Rich Text” function.
  • Include draft syntax in (i) draft detail summary
  • “Inbox swipe defaults to trash” option in “…” draft list options menu.

Other Changes and Fixes

  • Fix: Significant rewrite of some of the code behind updating the drafts list to try to address a few nagging issues with items temporarily disappearing from list and similar.
  • Fix: Sync fixes address a number of issues, particularly ones that have arisen on the latest OS releases.
  • Change: Streamlining pass through syntax highlighting code. Improves performance and resolves (hopefully) a few little oddities.
  • Fix: Opening a draft from the archive in a separate window could result in a blank window.
  • Change: Rework some “Window” menu commands in the main menu.
  • Change: Tweak to priority of operations in sync to attempt to prevent some issue on iOS 13.
  • Change: Do not update flagged status of draft when appending from the capture window.
  • Change: In Markdown syntaxes, continue markdown quotes like lists are continued.
  • Fix: Assign better window titles to draft windows.
  • Change: Allow one level of undo if the “clear” button is pressed in the Capture window accidentally.

For a complete history of updates, visit the changelog


Excellent update. Many thanks for the hard work.

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Fantastic update!

Fantastic Update! Cross-Platform Actions, with the ability to denote with platform to execute on is brilliant. I don’t know how you guys do it, Drafts just keeps getting better!

Awesome. What’s the best way top move form the beta to the app store version and not mess anything up?

I just installed the app store version in place of the beta with no issues.

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Awesome. Just did the same. Thanks. I didn’t want to lose my Drafts :grimacing:

Hello! I cannot find the “Inbox” folder. I have only “Backups” and “Library”, the latter containing “Scripts” and “Templates”. Hidden files are set to be shown. Or do I have to create the folder myself?

It is a quick and easy test to create the Inbox folder yourself and try it.

Hm, now it’s there. Seems like it got created by clicking the checkbox in the settings, but with a lot of delay.