Drafts 16 (iOS) Released

Drafts 16 (iOS) has been released in the App Store, details below.

Actions for Mac!

The Mac version of Drafts now has full support for actions. Most of the updates in this iOS release are part of supporting those updates on the Mac. But also expect big launch time improvements and bugs fixes! Details below. For details, read the Mac update release notes.

New Items

  • 20-30% initial launch speed improvement for cold starts of the app.
  • More control over action and action group visibility:
    • Control whether action groups are available to be selected in the action list and action bar - separately by platform. Visibility can be completely disabled as well to have utility action groups which are only visible in the action manager.
    • Control visibility of individual actions within groups - allowing some actions to included only when the group is loaded in the list and not the action bar, for example, or to hide actions by platform - if, for example, an app the action requires is only available on iOS and you do not wish to see the action on Mac.
  • Enable and disable individual actions steps within an action by platform. Allows a single action to have different steps on different platforms to account for platform behavior differences when appropriate/necessary.
  • Action list filtering setting and support for new action visibility settings (in “…” Options).
  • Set visibility in lists/keyboard for individual actions within action groups.
  • File import features, configured in settings, to automatically import text files in the “Inbox” folder at /iCloud Drive/Drafts/Inbox. Similar to existing Reminders import feature. Automatic Import documentation
  • Support “tagged” filtering in tag filters and workspaces. The inverse of the existing “untagged” special value - will match any draft with one or more tags assigned. Filtering docs
  • Include draft syntax in (i) draft detail summary
  • “Disable action bar” option in Aa editor settings allowing the row above the keyboard to be completely disabled.
  • “Change Syntax” operation added to draft list options allow easy changes of syntax for multiple selected drafts.
  • New Shortcuts Actions:
    • Get Draft by UUID shortcut action to allow retrieval of a specific Draft by UUID. Docs
    • Markdown to HTML shortcut action provides access to Drafts’ built-in MultiMarkdown and GitHub markdown processors. Docs

Other Fixes and Changes

  • Fix: Sync fixes address a number of issues, particularly ones that have arisen on the latest OS releases.
  • Fix: Using Siri directly to create notes on Apple Watch (e.g. “Hey Siri, create a note using Drafts”) would not work properly in many cases.
  • Change: Streamlining pass through syntax highlighting code. Improves performance and resolves (hopefully) a few little oddities. Please test with large documents, and generally report any syntax highlighting and editing weirdness/regressions.
  • Fix: Red dotted underline of misspelled words should no longer disappear after typing additional text.
  • Change: Deprecate app.loadKeyboardActionGroup - replaced with app.loadActionBarGroup (old method still works, the later is just preferred now).
  • Fix: Possible fix for some scrolling weirdness moving between multiple open windows on iPad.
  • Fix: Workaround issue where system is processing smart dashes ever when they are not enabled on existing text. Triggered primarily when tapping task marks.
  • Change: Updating some labelling to call the row above the keyboard the “action bar” for consistency with Mac version.
  • Fix: Issue preventing the “60 minutes” draft creation timeout setting from working properly.
  • Fix: Crash using HTTP script object with invalid data parameters.
  • Fix: Allow editor scrolling to bounce vertically even when content does not exceed visible space.
  • Change: When calling Workspace.create(), the initial state of the workspace will be based on the current Default workspace.
  • Fix: Startup timing issue that could result in one of the side panels remaining open after the new draft timeout was fired to create a new draft.
  • Fix: Scrolling issue sometimes affecting actions which change text in the editor.
  • Change: Change “automatic” theme label to “system” when running on iOS 13.
  • Change: In Markdown syntaxes, continue markdown quotes like lists are continued.

For a complete history of updates, visit the changelog