Drafts 16.1 (macOS) Released

Drafts 16.1 (macOS) has been released in the Mac App Store, details below.

ICYMI: Drafts 16 introduced action support for the Mac. Read release notes.

  • New: Print action steps can now specify page margins (in points). Details
  • Fix: Triggering a dictation action on unsupported OS version would report problem, but not properly finish the failed action.
  • Change: Switch to custom link identifier in Link mode to fix a few issues with URL highlighting with data detectors.
  • Change: Update subscription pitch screen.
  • Fix: Vertically align select items in prompts to avoid clipping.
  • Fix: Possible fix for issue hidding action bar on 10.13 (High Sierra)
  • Change: Tighten authorization scopes requested by Gmail actions based to avoid Google verification issue.
  • Fix: Fix for issue where scripted alert might not appear when action was run by being queued in another action.
  • Fix: Issue that could prevent extended dictation from working properly if the system timed out listening.

For a complete history of updates, visit the changelog

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