Draftist - a Drafts Action Group for Todoist

Finally I can launch a project I wanted to do for quite a while. After a few months of work I’m happy to release Draftist - a Drafts Action Group for integrating with Todoist.

The Action Group contains a lot of Actions to let you…

  • … Create Tasks (from easy quickadd to complex tasks with settings; single or multiple)
  • … Import tasks (in various options)
  • … Modify tasks (labels, due dates, resolve/delete tasks)

Being inspired a lot by @sylumer 's TADpole / ThoughtAsylum Drafts Library I also implemented this using a Javascript file with all the underlying functions and then building the Actions from it.

You can download the Action Group from the Action directory here: Draftist Action Group

The code and also all Action Descriptions and Instructions are hosted in the GitHub repository here: Draftist GitHub repository

Make sure to run the Draftist Setup/Update Action after downloading the Action Group into your Drafts App.

Several of the Actions allow (and require) user configuration of e.g. Todoist filters - I tried to make this as easy as possible for everyone.

If you have problems during the setup, configuration or usage of the Actions please let me know.

Also if you have other usecases you want to automate with Draftist I would be interested to hear them and try to include them in future versions.

I hope that Draftist simplyfies and speeds up many of your workflows and helps to remove friction from your processes.

Let me know what you are thinking :rocket:


Congratulations on the release :clap:t2:


Fantastic work. Much appreciated. Would you consider making similar, easy to setup action groups for Notion and Airtable? Once again this is excellent. Thank you.

Thanks a lot Stephen :smiling_face:

I personally don’t use Notion / Airtable - I never found a real usecase for Airtable for myself and just tested Notion a bit but I didn’t like the experience. So I don’t think I’ll built something for those Apps at that scale of complexity :wink:

Ok. Thanks for replying

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In case you missed this - I recorded an introduction and setup video for the Action Group

Let me know if you would see other videos about Draftist features :slight_smile:

I keep getting unauthorized errors. How do I make this action to talk to my Todoist account?

Try “forgetting” your Todoist credentials to force reauthorisation.

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Awesome. That worked. Thanks

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This seems great, thanks for sharing it. I can’t get any of the “import” actions to work though.

“Import todays tasks” gives these errors:

get tasks from filter "overdue, today" failed: HTTP Status 404: Not Found, Response: 404 page not found
Script Error: TypeError: undefined is not a function (near '...task of tasks...')
Line number: 919, Column 12

The actions “import from selected label” and import from selected project will correctly provide a prompt with my available labels and projects, but then fail to return tasks, instead giving an error.

get tasks from filter "@week" failed: HTTP Status 404: Not Found, Response: 404 page not found

That should not happen…
It’s working for me (just tested it)

Can you please try to forget your credentials (see the post from @sylumer above.
And try again?
It should ask you to store your credentials in Drafts again…

Also please try to add a task to todoist with one of the Draftist Actions and let me know if this works

After forgetting credentials, the problem is still there.

I am able to create tasks, tested with a few different of your actions.

Not sure if this is relevant, but I am on the free trial of the business plan right now.

I don’t know if this is relevant… I would assume that it doesn’t make a difference regarding the requests to the Todoist API.
do you get the same response that you posted earlier?

What Drafts App version are you running?

Did you try it on macOS and iOS and got the same results?

I just want to try finding differences / parts that could cause problems

So just saw that comment here:

I expected the v2 Switcher for Drafts to be released later this year - this can cause problems right now as @agiletortoise mentioned in that comment, too.

I’m currently „Out of Office“ and traveling so won’t be able to start upgrading Draftist to v2 until probably mid October - sorry about that!

I‘ve finally started working on updating Draftist and migrate it to the new REST API version.
Unfortunately it requires a lot of changes in the code so its not just a quick edit :smiley:

If you have any other feature requests just let me know :slight_smile:

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I updated the Draftist script file in the repository to migrate to the newer REST API version of Todoist.

Please update Draftist by running the „Setup/Update“ Action in the ActionGroup.

I shared that I updated on Twitter to hopefully reach most people using it. The version switch broke especially the label stuff and I don’t want that people rely on it and it’s not working anymore :blush:
so if you RT this I’ll appreciate it:

Have downloaded and updated. On the import tasks actions, I’m getting this error:

Script step completed.
Script Error: TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating ‘task.label_ids’)
Line number: 946, Column 27

This is an error I fixed with the update.
@derekvan did you perform the update on one device and maybe tried it then on another (maybe the file wasn’t synced before)?

When you run the „Draftist Setup/Update“ Action you have to select the „Update Drsftist.js“ option in the prompt:

can you confirm that you selected this? And otherwise please run the update again and test your configured action.

If it still doesn’t work you can assist me finding the potential bug as follows:
Fontina this path on the device where you updated and open the file „Draftist.js“ in files:

At line 7 it should say „version 0.2“.
If it doesn’t. Then delete the file and run the „Draftist Setup/Update“ Action again.

If it’s the correct version and you still get the error pleas let me know details about what you configured / selected and which action you’re running

Ok, it seems to be working now, sorry for the report. I did update before following the prompt and received a confirmation. Perhaps it took a longer time for the full js file to download to my device. I was using just one device to do the update and test the action. At any rate, it works, thank you.